BRABUS sports exhaust A klasse W176


BRABUS sports exhaust A klasse W176
€ 955,90
€ 955,90

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BRABUS sports exhaust A klasse W176

BRABUS sports exhaust for A klasse W176
consisting of: 1 x rear silencer in the middle with four slanted tailpipes, diameter 76 mm
  • Only for A 180 CDI, A 200 CDI, A 220 CDI, A 180, A 200, A 250!
  • Only in connection with BRABUS rear bumper insert 176-420-00!


Perfection in a Nutshell 

Founded by Bodo Buschmann – who still is the owner of the company – in 1977, BRABUS has carved a niche for itself as the premier tuner of Mercedes Benz cars in the world. Taking vehicles that are already in the Pantheon of luxury automobiles; BRABUS does what would normally be considered a challenge, and that is to transform what are already masterpieces into sublime works of art.

Excellence, exquisite and elegance are three words that best describe a BRABUS. Whereas, BRABUS cars are sold in 107 countries, its actual operations are quite small compared to mass production cars. For instance, its headquarters in Bottrop, Germany, only has 350 employees, while its workshop capacity consists of 100 workstations. Furthermore, it only modifies 7,500 cars each year – a minuscule fraction of Mercedes – Benz´s annual production volume. But then again, BRABUS is not about the masses. As an owner of a BRABUS, you are elevated into a different stratosphere, and it is a ticket to joining the ranks of the elite.

Exclusivity is the name of the game, and the limited production helps ensure that you are one of a kind. Just like snowflakes, no two BRABUS cars are exactly alike, and this gives owners that satisfying sense of being part of a selected few. It should be noted however that a BRABUS is not just a Mercedes – Benz in a different shell, nor is it merely a powered – up version of one. Of course, there are some – sometimes very subtle – physical differences between the modified car and the original model. And when it comes to performance, there is no questioning the obvious superiority of the BRABUS over the factory – line Mercedes Benz.
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